We have built a microlight EuroFOX from a kit.

We are a syndicate of 4 people - Tom, George, Ian and myself (Dave). We have built the EuroFOX in the taildragger configuration under the microlight rules (MAUL 450kg).

We hope to show here the different stages of our progress on this site.

Clicking most pictures will open a bigger scale picture.


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A selection of gems we have learned during the build progress - may be of help to others.



17/04/2014 - Some Like It Hot

30/03/2014 - New Hangar

16/11/2013 - 100 hours

10/07/2013 - Permitted

22/05/2013 - Testing Completed

06/05/2013 - First Flight!

27/04/2013 - Nearly Finished

08/04/2013 - More Inspection

29/03/2013 - First Engine Start!

13/03/2013 - An Inspector Calls

09/03/2013 - Turtle Deck and Panel

16/02/2013 - Cables and Belts

26/01/2013 - C C C Cold

12/01/2013 - Doors and Controls

22/12/2012 - Three Prop Blades, Two Wheel Spats and a Turtle Deck and Prop Spinner

8/12/2012 - Progress and Problems

24/11/2012 - Pipes and Peddles

10/11/2012 - Rearranging the Furniture

20/10/2012 - Engine On

06/10/2012 - G-UFOX Comes Home!

27/09/2012 - G-UFOX Arrives in UK

26/09/2012 - G-UFOX Leaves Slovakia

15/09/2012 - We've got a hangar!

12/09/2012 - Final payment made

07/09/2012 - Its coming along at the factory

22/08/2012 - Kit is in build at factory

22/03/2012 - Kit is ordered

17/03/2012 - Dave and Ian get a demo

10/03/2012 - EuroFOX demo


Comments, questions, criticisms and complaints to:


For more information on the EuroFOX, see the importers website www.eurofoxuk.co.uk

Many thanks to Roger and Adrian of EuroFOX UK for the great help and advice on this project (sometimes at all sorts of extraordinary hours).

Also, big thanks to Mac for teaching us to fly her and Greg for all the help and loan of tools.


This picture courtesy of Terry Hopkins