G-UFOX - Doors (Stuff We Have Learnt)

The doors take a fair amount of work, which can't be rushed. They take a lot of fettling and repetative offering up to the door apertures.

The Lexan can be a bit brittle when cold. It is important to warm the panel (we used a hairdryer) before cutting it.

We found that a "David Plane" was very useful for trimming the Lexan.

There are a number of complex curves in the Lexan panels. Use cleco clamps to hold the panels on before riveting. The two panels butt together along the central beam, with the rivet holes between each panel (giving half holes on the edge of each panel).

To allow for expansion, a small gap should be given in each of the rivets, rather than being clamped down hard. To do this, use a stanley knife blade as a spacer. These blades have a pair of little slots in the top edge; simply put the rivet in the slot, pop the rivet and then carefully slide the blade back out (hopefully without slicing your fingers).

If you have the round vents, these take ages to fettle - they mustn't be too tight or too loose.

Put some pad (such as a little self adhesive velcro) around the chassis door frame where the locking pin would hit it to prevent damage.



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